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Meal Prep… Pt 4

It was another end of week so it meant only one thing – meal prepping.

I got home late Sunday and decided to make my weekly salad (I know I say weekly but it is usually gone in two days)

I had got minced meat from the shops and on a whim decided to do meatloaf. Looking through the internet I settled on a Keto variety which meant I had to substitute with almond flour. It was almond flour or mushrooms and I wasn’t ready to try mushrooms in my loaf.

On an aside I heard that radishes can be substituted for potatoes so expect me trying it out soon.


Burnt Courgette Fritters…

I finally replaced my scale batteries – Happy Days…

I also was stumped on what to make with my last courgette. It also didn’t help that it was getting too ripe.

The Facebook page I follow posted a video on zucchini fritters and I decided to try that.

Just like with all things I try for the first time – I burnt it.

That didn’t stop me from enjoying it though

Still Packing Lunches…

For the past week, whenever I stepped on my scale the weight was the same. It didn’t matter if it was morning or night or if I had eaten or was hungry – my weight stayed put.

Now it wasn’t the best of news, but the fact that my watch was getting loose on my wrist told me I was losing inches.

Imagine my joy in figuring out that the battery on my scale was dead.

So in a good mood I made the effort to make a packed lunch – courgetti and grilled fish…

More Salad Prepping…

I eventually made my salad for the week (more like end of week I know)

On a hunch I decided to use mackerel steaks as opposed to sardines.

Also at the last minute I put my chicken wings in my slow cooker instead of my oven.

I hope the chicken wings will turn up fine..

Meal Prepping… 🥘🥘🥘

Thankfully I am getting back into a groove regarding my meals. Phew 😅

Anyways I fell off the wagon hard yesterday and ate what I wasn’t meant to. Considering that it was either eat that or starve, I did not kick myself so hard.

I got home and made soup 🥣 and stew for the week. I also prepared a jug of water with cucumbers, ginger, mint and lemons 🍋 so I was feeling really good about myself.

Well, since I was already on a roll, I got home from church ⛪ this evening and made something I hadn’t made in a while – cloud bread 🥖.

Needless to say, my prepping is done for the week. I just need to make salad 🥗 tomorrow and I hope to have a good week.

Now I just need to get into an active groove and I am set…

But for now – a pat on my back…

Slow Cooking 🥘

Ever since I have gotten my slow cooker I have learnt a couple of things.

One of the things I had to get used to quick was the fact that I did not have to use as much liquid as I did when I cooked normally as the cooker didn’t lose much liquid.

After several failed attempts I believe I have gotten a hang of it.

One thing I must say though is that I really enjoy this method of cooking.

So far so good – but I still miss my pressure cooker though…

Fall off… Get on…

Okay, I am one of those who don’t really believe in New Years Resolutions as people tend to break them more often than keep them.

This year though, while I did not make any resolutions, I felt I could try by tweaking one thing and then another and then another till I eventually get to my goal.

I decided on lunch boxes. I get home late most days so my dinner is usually a struggle but I am also at work during lunch time and since I have to eat, I usually find myself looking for something suitable to eat.

In comes my lunch box. Well it is just the 10th day of the New Year and I have taken my lunch to work a total of 3 times.

Let’s see how many times I will fail at this…

Slow Cooking 🥘

I finally got a slow cooker. Well I had one before and I gave it out when I realised I wasn’t using it as frequently as I liked. One of the reasons was because I was attached at the hip to my pressure cooker. The other was that it cooked so sloooow.

Over the holidays my pressure cooker packed up. I couldn’t find the brand I was used to so I bought a slow cooker instead.

I used it last night. I realised quickly that for someone with OCD tendencies like myself, slow cooking required a lot of faith.

My veggie stew eventually cooked at 4am – Don’t ask me how I know.

Will need to find more recipes that are slow cooker compatible as I could get used to this.

My Roast Chicken…

Over the Christmas holiday my friend made the most perfect roast dinner ever – it was so good that I even had second helpings of potatoes and parsnips.

Well the Christmas holiday is over and it is time to get back on track. But like I said the roast was sublime and I had to make a variation of it today.

I replaced the potatoes and parsnips with courgettes and aubergines and I tried my best to replicate the roast.

Here is my ‘poor man’s roast’

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