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Social Skills

As a tutor, I am reminded everyday that things change at an alarming pace.

Case in point – our kids are losing social skills through the kind of games they play. Today one can be entertained for hours on end without seeing or speaking to anyone.

While growing up play time doubled as a social skill building experiment as you needed to know how to work well with others in order to enjoy your play time.

Today I sat next to a child whose face was stuck on his tablet and he did not look up once to converse with me. I am not standing on a soap box because I am guilty of that too.

Longing for easier times and I went on Amazon and got Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and an African board game called ‘Mancala’

Lets see how long I will last before I am back to my phone games lol


Waffle Maker…

I finally harangued my friend to get me a waffle maker and when it arrived I couldn’t be happier…

i could now make all sorts of waffles, and it did not take me long to begin.

Today I made coconut flour waffles…

Next on my agenda would be grated courgette waffles

Bon Appetit


Hair Products…

Well it is no secret here that I have been trying to grow dreadlocks. I must be the first to say that it is not the easiest of lifestyle changes (especially in the early days) and while I am hopefully waiting for a year to roll by so my hair could be fully locked, I must say I am getting a hang of it.

At first my biggest problems were the fact that my dreads would loosen when I washed my hair in the early days – this meant I had to visit my hair stylist more often than not.

Well the Internet is a teacher and a couple of YouTube videos later and I had figured out how to tighten my own locs. The next hurdle for me became treatment. The Internet had so many ideas and I wasn’t going to buy all of them. I started with the most useful and chose a brand I was determined to stick with – Jamaicain Mango and Lime. So I went and bought their shampoo, conditioner, itch reliever, locking gel, holding wax… I also bought a couple of oils and an African Pride moisturiser.

Armed with all these, my visit to my salon reduced greatly. I still have to go for maintenance but I no longer have to go every month or even every two months.

But I must say, I can’t wait for the day my hair becomes long enough to pack in one.

Ignore the fact that my hair is in need of colouring. I am aware of that – and that too is another thing I do by myself.

Puff Puff (Keto Version)…

I don’t consider myself as having a sweet tooth but there is a sweet pastry that I have always loved – puff puff. It is a combination of flour and sugar, water and yeast and oil for frying. Well I have been on a low carb diet so I have not eaten puff puff in a while (a long while).

That all ended today when I found keto complaint recipes on a Facebook group. I tried it and it came out close to what I have always loved.

With few tweaks, I should get it almost right.

Lightning Bolt!!!

I don’t consider myself a sporty person but I do enjoy watching the Olympics, World Championships and the NBA.

Now I believe you have to be living under a rock to be unaware of the legend that is Usain Bolt. He came on the world scene a decade ago and won every race he took part in. He also famously announced that he would retire after the 2017 World Championship Games.

One of the things that taints sports is doping and drug bans and this is more common in athletics. In comes Justin Gatlin, an amazing American sprinter that had been banned twice for failing his drug tests.

The media latched onto this and created some sort of ‘good versus evil’ storyline for Bolt and Gatlin. The thing is Bolt had bested Gatlin in all their meetings. But all fairytale endings don’t leave a smile on your face. People expected Bolt to be vulnerable in his final individual race because there were younger sprinters running faster.

That was not to be as Justin and the new comer went on to beat Bolt. Now the audience is entitled to their opinions and they let their opinions show in the loud booing that engulfed the stadium.

Two Things –

– I felt Justin did not deserve the boos yesterday. He ran a better race and beat Bolt.

– The IAAF are to blame because they allow banned athletes to return after they have served their suspension.

– I know I said two things but there were people on that field that had also failed drug tests but they were not booed.

Coming third will in no way tarnish Bolt’s legacy. Nothing can at this moment. But what was bittersweet was the fact that Bolt had done everything in the sport except lose, and that he did yesterday to end his amazing sporting career.

He will be missed…


Beef Jerky…

I am not really one that must have snacks but l always love to know that I have appropriate snacks on hand when I need them.

Well, imagine my shock when I went to Tesco and saw that they were selling this tiny beef jerky for £1.50. I suddenly got an epiphany (why not make them yourself) and I did just that.

All I had to buy was beef which I split into two and used a half of it.

I must say I am proud of the results.


Cauli and Cheese

Well… Well… Well…

i got my friend into the magic that is cauliflower and yesterday she happily told me that she found a menu that adds caulirice with cheese and how it made all the difference.

hello cauli and cheese. So I used soft cheese with Spring onions and salt and tossed my caulirice in it. I could honestly have eaten it like that but I did not put any pepper in it so I had to garnish it with my green pepper sauce.

cauli and cheese for the win…

Almond Flour Fairy Cakes…

It is safe to say that I am back at it again. Today I grilled fish and baked cauliflower florets for my lunch. While I was at it I decided to make spiced fairy cakes. So I went to my trusted to see if I had all the ingredients. What a relief to see that I had everything but the nutmeg.

So I made almond flour spice cakes without nutmeg and I used 1 less egg. I also used unsalted butter even though I was advised to use the salted variety. I just did not see the need in opening another butter when I still had some unsalted butter still open.

All in all it was a good effort. I had cakes to last me for the next week and leftover grilled fish from my lunch today.

i am gradually going back to my self…


Bits and Bobs (Part Deux)

I have been away from my blog for a while so here are updates I may have missed…

  • one of my dearest friends came to visit and we had a whale of a time.
  • a friend of mine was celebrating her son’s birthday and I went to celebrate with her. While there, another friend of mine mentioned that her self published book was now available for order on Amazon. Amazing, that was the kick I needed to look for my draft and make something out of it.
  • i have been drinking a lot of coffee out. Usually when I make my coffee I try to make it to my specification. But when you buy/ are given coffee out, you don’t want to be the woman that goes, “erm, so do you have coconut milk or almond milk in your pantry as I don’t take full cream…”
  • i also have eaten out quite a bit this week so I kinda fell off the wagon…😡
  • I have realised that on many occasions I los all desire to go to the gym whenever the rain is pouring – it has been raining a bit this week…
  • yesterday, I decided to begin the crawl back to being the person I wanted to be. I started by going to the Asian shop to stock up on fish and meatt.
  • i also wanted to make a traditional green soup so I bought a variety of green peppers.
  • Considering that I had not eaten at home a lot this week, I had no meal prepped and I had to make everything from scratch.
  • on a final positive note, I am beginning to fall in love with my locs more and more everyday, I mean the hair waves in the wind…

a couple of pictures of my week long adventures…



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