My Own Private Idaho

… After all is said and done, usually more is said than done…

Almond Flour Experiment

So I went into Lakeland looking for silicone mounds. I couldn’t find one of my choice so I settled for a regular baking tray.

Armed with my new baking tray I could not wait to get home and bake something – anything. And that is exactly what I did. I got out my almond flour, butter and eggs and erythritol and started mixing. On a whim I added my cream as it was nearing its ‘use by’ date.

I put all of it in my baking tray and put my tray in the oven. What I got was interesting…


NBA Season… Yay!

Finally… The new NBA season starts today. Unlike other years, this year I will be happy if my team (San Antonio Spurs) make it to the conference finals.

The reason behind my low expectations lies in the fact that The Cavs and The Warriors got stronger while we did not. I mean LeBron got DWade to come join him in Cleveland.

Another difference in this season for me will be that I will enjoy some Cavs and Warriors games. But I will remain a Spurs fan through and through.

Bring on the games…

The Dreadlock Life…

It is that time again – time to tighten my locs. I had planned on tightening my locs sometime in the week but I found myself with free time last night so I decided to add tightening of locs to the agenda.

Come 1:30am in the morning and I was done with my hair and had a headache and stiff shoulders to show for my efforts.

Well my hair was lovely

Meal Prep…

Well yesterday I realised that I had exhausted every meal option in my fridge… So I went to my freezer.

I brought out ingredients for soup but I was missing a vital ingredient- melon seed.  Now I did not need just any melon seed but a specific melon seed used to cook one of our traditional soups.

So during a break at work I ran into the nearby food shop and although they did not have my specific melon seed, they did have melon seed. This melon seed was markedly different from what I wanted – but like I said I went into a food shop so it had to be edible right…

After much deliberation I used the seed like that to make the soup and it wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t bad.

I also bought cauliflower which I blended and drained to store in my freezer as well as florets that I stored in my fridge.

So yesterday was a success…


Every Mistake…

So I have not made cloud bread in ages and today I bought these lovely cake tins and decided to make cloud bread.

Well my lack of practice was obvious when some egg yolk found its way into my egg white. This error meant that my egg whites refused to turn into stiff peaks.

I wasn’t going to throw away my eggs or begin to make something else so I put them in the oven like that.

It is hard to say what it turned to but it did turn to something.

Back at it Again…

It is safe to say that my body and mind is getting used to the fact that I am back from my holidays… We are beginning to fall into my usual pattern of how things get done.

On that note it didn’t feel strange when I got up in the middle of the night to marinade my chicken and leave it till this morning before putting it in the oven.

And because it is going to take me a while to fall out of love with romaine hearts, I sliced some, with cubed cucumbers and spring onions and tossed them with peanut butter. I garnished this with my avocado that is taking forever to ripen.

I did have a nice lunch though so it all worked out…

Also, not to toot my own horn but I have lost most of my holiday weight. Now I just hope I never find it again…

Beef Patties and Romaine Hearts…

… So I have fallen in love with romaine hearts – it can be eaten hot or cold and still maintain its crunchiness.

I have been using them for salads and in my soups and I have no regrets. It also doesn’t hurt that it is sweet.

Today I went a step further and made home made beef patties.

Bon Appetit…

Keto Meatloaf and Romaine Heart…

Finally figured out how to make keto meatloaf. Thank you for that amazing recipe.

I must say that this is definitely going to become a staple meal for me.

I had my meatloaf with romaine hearts (another staple for me)

Bon appetit

Fallen off the Wagon 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Well I have been away from here for a while (we can thank my Holiday for that). News Flash- I fell of the Wagon and added 5 lbs (boo)

Anyways, back home I went shopping for meal prep and my shop had a sale of cauliflower.

I love eating soup with ‘fufu’ but all the flour used to make this meal is not keto compliant. Thankfully I learnt that we could use vegetable to make almost anything we could use carbs for.

My favourite veggie fufu is cauli and my least favourite is courgette.

I got home; blended my cauliflower, sieved the extra liquid and squeezed as much as I could out. Then I stored the concentrate in the freezer. This has taken 30 minutes out of making them from scratch every time. I also made soup.

Hopefully tomorrow I will make courgette casserole and almond flour cakes.

I said hopefully 😂

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