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… After all is said and done, usually more is said than done…

Holiday Blues…

I can almost smell the start of my holidays…. My students taking the grammar schools exams write their exams on Saturday so there is nothing else I could do.

I also need to go de-stress so I could get into the right frame of mind for the new school year. Now I know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on holiday but I hope to try.

So I have gathered some things that could make it easier for me to try (coconut milk powder, mixed spice for all the salads I hope to eat, almond flour waffles and coconut oil spray….

I also tightened my locs today so I can also count that as something else that I have achieved.

Unfortunately my holiday will also include me reading the required novels and play for the new school year (hello Shakespeare, Authur Conan Doyle, Priestley etc) I also plan to do a bit of writing while away…

I better find some zen moments…

For now, I’m off for coffee with friends…


Waffles and …

Okay, so I am down to my last three eggs and I wanted to make almond flour waffles. I thought to myself that I could make for today and  tomorrow since I have a long day  tomorrow.

After mixing my batter it occurred to me that I had used the eggs I wanted to fry for my waffles. I made the waffles anyway and had to eat the waffles with whipped cream instead.



Don’t be deceived by the title of this blog – I am not on holiday, just in dire need of one.

School begins tomorrow and my students write their grammar exams next weekend.  If anyone has ever needed a holiday it would be me.

So I did what I knew to – made some cookies. I went on to find chocolate chip cookies and I made some.

I am busy assessing new students and trying to make timetables and getting relevant study material and all the while I am thinking about how many days before I go on holiday.

The beach, the hills, touring, shopping and generally trying to de-stress.


Meal Prep (Grilled Chicken)…

So over the Bank Holiday I went for a birthday party (tnx Timi) and as usual I could not eat most of the delicacies that was provided. I could however eat meat. And boy, did I eat meat.

Well there was this grilled chicken sautéed in pepper sauce that was a winner and I couldn’t get home to try it out.

Now they used hard chicken whereas I used soft chicken but I must say that I liked my outcome.

On a different note I wore one of my trousers that is now a tad too big (yep!) so I spent the whole evening with my hands in my pocket to avoid my trousers falling. I looked manic but had a good time. I do have picture evidence but that won’t be posted on here for my dignity sake…

My Dreadlocks Diary…

I have come to realise that my regrowth becomes really visible after 4 weeks so i am really chuffed that i have learnt how to tighten my own locs. Well i was awake late last night tightening my locs. I am due to colour my hair in a fortnight and i hoped i could tighten my locs then. A real look in the mirror told me otherwise.

i sat in front of that mirror and 2 hours later, my whole hair was tightened. As i always do, i wanted to leave the pins in my hair overnight but the pain was unbearable so i took them out.

Also for the first time, i didn’t tighten my locs with locking gel but i used locking wax instead. It was good.

I must say my hair is really growing…

I am still looking forward to December though  (when my locs would be one year old and should properly set)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday…

Courgette Waffles…

The Keto Facebook Page I follow will end their 21 days IF today but my body has gotten pretty used to it that i think I will stick to it for a couple more days and maybe even weeks.

Anyways i do not consider myself a boxing or mixed martial arts fan but i was up all night refreshing twitter to find out who won the MayMcG fight. Bad idea cause I woke up really exhausted.

Well when I got home today i was in the mood for waffles and since i have courgettes i decided to make courgettes (zucchini) waffles. I found a couple of versions online and i chose the one that had diced bacon in them.

It was not only filling but also very sweet

Bon Appetit

My Half ‘n’ Half…

So i woke up today in the mood to bake. Now i wasn’t certain if i wanted to bake a pound cake or a loaf. I did however know that i wanted to use my loaf tin and i did not want to check the internet for recipes.

So i did what any weirdo would do and looked at what i had on hand. I had coconut and almond flour, psylluim husk and xanthan gum, cream cheese and butter, baking powder and cream of tartar, vanilla extract and eggs.

Believe it or not, i combined a bit of everything and added 2 spoons of erythritol for good measure, put in my tin and put in my oven.

40 minutes later i had a very interesting half and half. it tasted good too.


Veggie Prep…

Once again the new Asian shop i frequent was having a veggie sale…Ding Ding Ding… i came home with more courgettes and cauliflower than i needed. Anyways i felt i could preserve them by freezing them.

Now that i have more cauli and courgettes that i could eat i have decided to put cauli and or courgette in everything i cook, soups, casseroles, courgette waffles… Well you get the gist.

So i made vegetable soup yesterday and i added cauliflower florets to it.


Cauli and Cheese take 2

The Facebook page I follow are having a 21 day IF (Intermittent Fasting) so I have not been making lots of meals.

Anyways, this afternoon I felt like snapping my meal so here is my cauli and cheese which I took with peppered sauce.

The difference between today’s meal and the last cauli and cheese was that I added diced sausages to today’s caulirice


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