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Add Green Peas (Beans) to that List

First off, I haven’t forgotten that I said I would post pictures of my tightened locs (Life, I know)

Well I want to talk about green peas, I have never really known what to do with it. All that changed today – thanks to and Internet food lovers.

Most of the recipes I saw wanted me to oven bake them with Parmesan cheese but I was running out of time this morning so I blanched them instead and fried with my sliced pepper, spring onions and garlic.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have sprinkled my Parmesan cheese on it but hey, it is what it is.

Garnished with a piece of chicken that I got from a friend’s house.

Enjoy pictures of my meal and my newly tightened locs

…About that Life…πŸ™ŽπŸΎπŸ™ŽπŸΎπŸ™ŽπŸΎ

August is my ‘frugal living month’ and it usually sees me thinking twice or thrice before spending money.

Well, my locs needed tightening and even though I am not yet in August, I felt it could be a good opportunity to save Β£50 and wash and tighten my dreads myself. I already had the interlocking pin so that wasn’t a problem. And thanks to the summer holidays I had the time…

I went into the shops and bought a pack of Bobby pins (50 to add to the 20 I already had). This cost Β£1 and as I already had my locking gel, shampoo, conditioner and bees wax, Β£1 was all I spent.

I washed and conditioned my hair before I left home and when I got back in the evening, I set out to tighten my locs.

Now it takes my hairdresser 45 minutes to tighten my locs but it took me the duration of two full length movies (Taken 2 and RED).

I don’t have a hair dryer and I didn’t want to use my hand dryer so I will sleep with the pins in for the hair to set.

So I saved Β£49 today but all the muscles in my arms ache and I hope I don’t spend that money having a massage.

I hope to post pictures of the finished look tomorrow but for now here are pictures of my hair in different stages of locking…

Veggie Casserole…

I finally decided that I was done with eating leftovers and prepared a meal.

The shops decided for me at the end of the day as cauliflower is suddenly so expensive. Determined not to leave empty handed I ended up buying a combination of cauliflower and broccoli florets.

Adding my leftover aubergine to the mix, Β I made the loveliest casserole ever. I added in cream cheese, garlic and grated cheddar cheese.

In retrospect I am glad I used a small pie dish cos I have almost finished it

Fan wars – when the movie wins…

Christopher Nolan has always being viewed as a director way ahead of his time. The movies he makes have been seen as masterpieces of their genre. Whether it is a superhero flick (his version of batman is still my favourite DC movie) or mind bending (still love Inception although I never brought myself to watch Interstellar), he can always be expected to deliver.

As a result there are some people that consider themselves ‘fanboys’ of his. They talk about how he is not swayed by Hollywood’s desire to stack movies with celebrities in order to make a buck – he will cast whoever will move his movie in the right direction. Nolan on his part also has his dedicated go to actors – Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Christian Bale… It is tough to see one of his movies without any of these people in them.

Then came ‘Dunkirk’, one of the most serious movies of his career and he casts Harry Styles as a member of his ensemble cast. One has to be living under a rock to be unaware of this young man who planned to launch his movie career in a Christopher Nolan flick. Many claimed it was a ploy to sell a war movie (one of the most difficult to sell) to a wider audience. Β He said it was only talent he saw when he chose his cast and he did not really know that Harry Styles came as a package deal with a horde of ‘fan girls’.

Well, the fan wars were a given at this point. The fanboys did not want crying fan girls in the audience and the ‘fan girls’ wanted their idol to be taken seriously. Looking at how the movie over performed expectations at the first week box office sales, I must say that the movie is winning.

Some things I noticed

  • my cinema was skewed on the male side and we had a couple of older people who came to relieve an event that they may have been connected to in one way or the other.
  • everybody was polite and respectful
  • Hans Zimmer (the man who scored the movie), deserves an Oscar. My heart was beating at the same pace as his tick tick tock score
  • the movie was really intense
  • Harry Styles held his own among a stellar cast and he had some of the most pivotal dialogues of the movie
  • you will feel sad and shed a tear or two.
  • it will get you thinking about how you would react when your survival was on the line
  • it will make you proud to be human
  • see it in the biggest screen possible
  • and see it more than once. You will be on the edge of your seat for the whole of the first time anyways

As war films go, this was a war film with a different take.


Almond Flour Cookies… Again!

I did not plan to blog about making cookies again as I believe I have mastered this one… hmm

Well yesterday was my meal prep for the week so I was cooking and decided to make cookies for the week. I don’t really like using parchment paper for my cookies so I usually spray coconut oil spray on my tins.

Well, guess who forgot to spray her tins? My cookies were ready and it was a battle to separate them from my tray. Some cracked in the process but I couldn’t be bothered. Those ones would just have to be eaten first th n.

A productive week to all…

Veggie Mash up…

Today was a really good day – I actually planned and went to the gym in the morning and not dragging myself to the gym after work all grumpy and sorry for myself.

I had planned to make a chicken meal but I forgot to stop at Tesco so I was left with whatever I could find and this turned out well.

I had courgettes and aubergines so I knew I could come up with something. I cubed them and added spring onions, pepper and garlic.

I now took it a step further by adding some African spices with dried fish strips.

What I got was amazing and I garnished with boiled eggs…

Bits and Bobs…

We had a heavy rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning so that put a damper on things. For one I did not go to the gym.

Although I try to abide to a low carb lifestyle – once in a while I eat what I consider healthy carbs. One of such is the honey beans (beans generally have been known to contain some carbs but their health benefits means I give them a free pass)

I made a special meal with blended beans mixed with pepper and cooked in cans. I added this to my grilled chicken and avocado and I have literary been eating the same meal since yesterday. I will probably eat the last of it tomorrow as well

Funny story, I have 3 ear holes and one of them split open a while back so I have had 2 ear holes and today on a whim I went to the piercers to pierce my ear cartilage. The first 24 hours are the worst so I am trying to ride it out.

School is thisclose to be out for the summer – Blockbuster season. I have seen ‘Baby Driver’ and ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ which I really enjoyed and next week I will hopefully go see Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Baked Aubergines and Eggs…

Thanks to life I have not been on this blog for a while. Well today I decided to change that and did some baking.

i baked my aubergines and an almond flour bread but my bread broke off when I was bringing it out of my baking pan. Β I am still proud of it though…

Anyways, seeing as I had used up most of my eggs for my bread I decided to fry the last one with sardines and eat with my baked aubergines.

One more in the win column…

Lazy Lunch-ish…

After the lovely day I had yesterday I assumed today would follow the sam trend…

Alas, I could barely catch my breath and by the time lunch rolled over, I found myself with just 10 minutes to spare. I had to eat something though cos I was hungry so I poached an egg and garnished with an avocado and whipped cream…

I know the combination sounds weird but it fulfilled the purpose of making me full – at least till dinner time…


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