First off,  I will like to give a shout out to ‘Keto Dad’ for this amazing recipe. For a while I have been trying to make keto chocolate cake and it never turns out right. One thing about me is that I hardly quit so I kept on checking with the belief that I would find a recipe that works for me.

Last night I found my answer while browsing a page on Facebook. It was a video by Keto Dad and the interesting thing was that he added courgettes to his mixture. Now that got me fascinated so I woke up determined to make chocolate cake with grated courgettes.

A couple of things though…

I had 2 eggs instead of 4. That wasn’t going to stop me though

I did not make the frosting as suggested. I had whipped cream so I decided to use that instead

I had no liquid stevia so I used erythritol.

The cake came out amazing and if you hate courgettes, you would not notice it as it blended well with the coconut flour