I am trying to reduce the amount of vegetables I have at the end of the week that gets bad. As a result I go to the shops and try not to pick all the vegetables selling at a bargain (hello there, 3 for the price of 2 aubergines, buy 3 get 1 half price courgettes and all the cabbages that have been reduced by 30%)

What this means is that some days see me eat cabbage as my staple veg in the morning and evening or even the next day as well. I believe eating healthy food should be fun and not a humdrum activity.

Long story short, I brought out my almost finished cabbage and my last half courgette and decided to make cabbage soup.When I make soups with vegetables I prefer them to be a bit thick since I usually eat them with bread.

This one was not any different and I garnished it with the chicken from that Eid celebration. Finished it off with half of my almond flour bagel.

This is a good day…