A lot has been happening to keep me away from my blog – GCSEs basically…

And while GCSEs are not in any way over, half term begins today so I can catch my breath.

The worst thing that any iPhone user can experience during an iOS update happened to me – my update froze midway and was replaced with the annoying usb to iTunes logo. Trust me I did everything I could and even contacted Apple support and they asked for my imei number lol. Did I mention that the phone froze.

Eventually had to settle for the lesser of two evils by restoring my phone. So at quarter to midnight I was stuck with an empty phone. I promise I did not cry especially seeing as I never backed up my phone to my laptop. I learnt a crucial lesson in the middle of the night while adding the apps I could remember back to my phone.

Anyways woke up this morning and went to my trusted http://www.ruled.me to find donut recipes as my mini donut mould arrived and I was eager to try it.

Good times….

The NBA finals begins next week and even though my team is out, the Cavs and the Warriors are good pips so there is that