I don’t consider it bragging when I say I am a very good cook. I may blow my horn and say I’m an amazing cook but baking has always been my Achilles heel.

My biggest problem with baking is measurements and I know that this seems crazy coming from a Maths teacher but for the life of me I never bothered with measuring baking products. This has led to many strange and inedible cakes…😂

I have been following this Ketogenic Facebook page and on many occasions some of their members mention the cloud bread they made with just eggs, cream cheese and cream of tarter…

Oh just 3 ingredients I felt – I can handle it. My first 2 tries didn’t quite turn out right. It didn’t help that I did not look up the meaning of (hard peaks) or that I had to separate the whites from the yolks.

After watching them make it on the ITV morning show and still making a mess of it. I finally turned to YouTube and figured out what hard peaks actually meant. Now I am not there yet but I am certain that by by tenth try I should be making the fluffiest cloud bread there is…

Either that or I will give up completely