So Marvel Iron Fist debuted on Netflix yesterday and as always all the movie pundits came out to play. So there are some things you need to know about me and films…

  • i try not to get political about my movies
  • i love most Marvel movies
  • i side eye representation in movies

I remember when Doctor Strange was announced and people raised dust over the fact that The Ancient One was not a Tibetan man but rather Tilda Swinton. However many people watched the movie and enjoyed it as Tilda made for a very mysterious ancient one…

There have been many cases of misrepresentation in Hollywood movies and right or wrong – many of these media houses are businesses that need to make a profit and if they think using Scarlet Johansson or Matt Damon instead of Asian leaning actors…

But here comes Marvel Iron Fist who is a white man and Marvel is still receiving flak for casting a white man and not an Asian American. People claim that Iron Fist was born as an off shoot of Bruce Lee and the great Kung fu fighters of the past. So they figure that an Asian American man would be more believable.

My biggest problem  is in the actor that portrays Iron Fist. His fight scenes are unbelievable, his yoga poses are unbelievable, his facial expressions don’t change. It is hard to enjoy.

At least we believed Charlie Cox was fighting in Daredevil but this needs a suspension of reality that even I can’t muster.

But like I said, I love most Marvel movies so I will suck it up and watch The Iron Fist