So I have been looking for menus I could create with mushrooms and I came across a couple of mushroom risottos.

While most of the risotto on the web is made with rice I resorted to those made with cauliflower in lieu of rice


Mushrooms and cabbage (sliced)

Cauliflower (grated)

Onions (sliced)

Minced beef/ any other version of meat or none if you choose

Double cream

Spices of your choice

Fry your onions and mushrooms in coconut oil, once the mushrooms and onions begin to shrink you can add your cabbage and your spices and stir. Then throw in your diced meat if you opted to add meat. Once the whole mix is bubbling you can add your cauliflower to the mix and top with some double cream. Allow to steam for 3-5 minutes and your risotto is ready.