It is no secret that I love movies or that I love the Oscars. Many times I try to figure out where my love for the Oscars stem from as I make my predictions on who I think will win and who I want to win.  The Academy usually tries to spread the wealth in their nominations but this year – La La Land got 14 nominations and there were pundits that thought they could win 13. That kinda took the fun of guessing out of it.

There are many reasons I think La La Land was getting so much love and one of the biggest was the fact that you could dream and have your dream come true ( even if that dream was in you becoming a big Hollywood star). And people should not be judged for wanting to have fun at the cinemas.

Over the years people have complained about the lack of diversity in the film industry and this year’s nominations tried to fix that with 3 Best Picture nominees being films of colour. I did feel like on any given day two of those films were more deserving than La La Land… But everyone and their mother said La La Land would win Best Picture.

Come Oscar night and the biggest gaffe since … (You pick…) occurred when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce La La Land as the winners. Well, that is predictable you think until the film stars and makers get on stage to give their acceptance speech only to find it was wrong and MOONLIGHT was the true winner.

AWKWARD!!! I will like to commend the producer of La La Land – Jordan Horowitz who handled the mess like a pro and got the guys of Moonlight to come on stage to get their awards. While I do believe that Moonlight is so deserving of the Oscar I felt it was unfair for their happiness to be tainted by the misfortune of La La Land.

Some things I learnt from the show

  • Viola Davis is a Queen. Someone should give her a spoken word deal so she could win a Grammy and join the EGOT club.
  • Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar in the acting category and he gives the best speeches.
  • Hollywood is willing to forgive your murky past if you are white – Casey Affleck
  • Moonlight won Best Picture making it a night where black excellence was rewarded
  • The Hidden Figures ladies brought out the real Katherine Johnson. What a legend

Many of the nominees brought their mums and it was sweet to see other celebrities fawn over mothers watching their kids dreams come true.

Finally, last year’s Best Picture went to SPOTLIGHT, this year’s Best Picture went to MOONLIGHT… See where I’m going. Someone better produce a film named SUNLIGHT and let’s see if the trend will continue.

P.S – The pictures are not mine…