A quick look around and you are bound to hear something about some new fad diet or the other. The problem with many of these diets lies in the fact that they have succeeded in taking enjoyment out of eating food – suddenly meals are so drab…

I don’t swear by any one diet but I do know that an increase in vegetables and a decrease in starch is a good way to go. Now this poses a problem for people who’s favourite meals must have rice or bread or some variation of ‘fufu’ – in other words people like me😁.

Recently I have become interested in some versions of the Ketogenic  diet plan especially how they have been able to use vegetables to achieve some of the staples mentioned above.

Therein lies my love affair with cauliflower. I have always struggled with eating cauliflower but these days I have learnt that you can use them for almost anything – form cauliflower rice to cauliflower pap and everything in between.

I present to you my cauliflower couscous

P.S – I am so the opposite of vegetarian so you will be hard pressed to find a meal here that is not garnished with meat. That doesn’t mean that you can not make yours without