So just this week research was released from Imperial College London that stated that contrary to popular belief we needed more than the recommended ‘5 a Day’. It was claimed that in order to prolong the quality and quantity of life that 800g or 10 portions of fruit and vegetables was required daily.

10 a Day – you scream, we were barely holding on to 5 a Day. While I understand the importance of getting people to eat healthier meals to better their life expectancy. Focus should be on people who currently survive on ‘0 a Day’ and not those holding on to 4 a Day.

It is true that we need to include fruit and vegetables in our daily meals. So whether you are currently on 2 a Day or 7 a Day, here are some easy ways to add fruits and veggies to your meals.

P.S – Credit to the owners of the pictures as they are not mine…

  • Make smoothies – while it is a trendy thing these days to see people posting pictures of their smoothies, smoothies are actually healthy when made properly. The trick is to try not to mix too many fruits.
  • Add a salad whenever you can
  • Go crazy with those soups. Feel free to experiment with veggies in your soups
  • Swap your crisps for sliced carrots and cucumbers
  • Grate or spiralise vegetables. If for nothing else, they look pretty and it is easier to eat them
  • Stir fry a lot
  • Eat the occasional fruit

Remember not to beat yourself up on days you feel you fell short. The most important thing is that you try…

P.P.S – I too am trying…